How to Help

Charter a New Group

It is our goal to touch more lives in and out of our community by helping others plant a House Angels Chapter in their area. If you are interested in knowing more please contact us. More details will be added soon for those interested in gaining a charter.


All non-profits rely heavily on donations and sponsors, here we are no different, however the items we are in need of may not be the usual donations you are accustomed to being asked for. Please keep that in mind and check our Items Needed List as you purge items from your home and garage. Your donation will help to make the dreams of those we help come true.

Prayer Warriors

One of our most important means of support and help is from prayer. There is nothing like the power of prayer to help a good cause become great. Prayers for the improved quality of life of those we help, health and well being to the homeowners, volunteers, sponsors, and all involved with House Angels, and safety during work days are needed on an on going basis.

Sponsors: Individual or Corporate

During these tough times individuals and companies are looking to make sure what they donate is not only going to the right people but that it is being utilized to the fullest. Please consider partnering with House Angels, whether it is a one time donation or an ongoing relationship of support.

We make every effort to stretch our pennies and make the most of funds donated by partnering with companies whom will match purchases for supplies, as well as relying on material donations. We also make it a priority to assess projects and make sure we are using funds in the best possible way for each homeowner with their individual needs.


Most of the work done by House Angels is done by volunteers. We are always looking for people with different talents and gifts, whether that is carpentry, electrical work, landscaping, painting, plumbing, or project managers. If you have one of the talents listed above or would just like to help, email us to find out more.

Contact Us

Phone: (770) 529-3309
Mail House Angels
PO Box 1291
Marietta, GA 30061-1291